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Custom Millwork

Door entry way to house


No matter your style, Architectural Millwork can build your dream door.  We can match existing doors at your home or start from inspiration photos.  Interior doors, exterior doors, hidden doors, raised panel doors, shaker panel doors, contemporary flush architectural doors and of course…your dream door.

Large glass doors in home


A window is not just a window.  A well-designed window unit will provide decades of expansive views, natural light, thermal integrity, security and functional ventilation to your living space.  Allow us to work with your design team to achieve the ideal window package for your project.

Ceiling Molding


For the past 50 years Architectural Millwork has been matching historical details of crown mouldings, base mouldings, door and window casing, chair-rail, panel mouldings, T&G and more.  In that time, we’ve developed a catalogue of nearly 3,000 unique details.  Stop by and see our catalogue for the needs of your next project!  

Coffered Ceiling

Coffered Ceilings

In the world of Architecture, the term “Coffer” is defined as a sunken panel in a ceiling.  Usually these coffers, or decorative panels, are surrounded with structural or faux beams.  Traditionally you’ll find these designs of recessed decorative panels throughout formal living areas.

Architectural Millwork is often called upon to assist in not only the milling and supply of the ceiling wood, but also the layout and architectural accuracy of the proposed ceiling design.  Ask us how our AutoCAD and CNC machining capabilities can add value to your next ceiling design.

Reclaimed wood beams

Reclaimed Beams​​

Reclaimed materials are extremely popular in today's buildings practices.  Our 50 years of business dealings have aligned us with world class resources in sourcing reclaimed materials.  Hardwoods and Softwoods of Hewn Timbers, Grey weather board, corral board, fencing, brown board and more. 

Taking this one step further, using our proven milling techniques with the reclaimed material will open a world of possibilities. For example, we can turn a 200-year-old, 250 pound, beam into a hollow box beam to wrap your steel structural members.  Other common “builds” are hollow mantel pieces, ceiling corbels, horizontal wall cladding and ceiling t&g. 

Lift slide doors leading to yard

Lift-slide Doors​

Lift-slide doors are the “patio slider” of the 21st century!  When your design calls for a breathtaking view through your patio sliding glass doors – look no further.


The door panels are designed to rest on the floor when not in use, thus eliminating constant stress on the rolling hardware.  As soon as you’re ready to open or shut the door, just a simple turn of the handle elevates the door panel to allow a simple finger glide to shut. 


Architectural Millwork has perfected the integration of European lift/slide hardware with our wood door panels to achieve an elegant look and simple functionality.  

Restaurant bifolding doors leading outside

Bifold Doors​

Close your eyes.  Envision your interior living space spilling out to your patio, as your friends and family share laughter on your next birthday.  Architectural Millwork's bi-folding doors will complete that vision. 

Our European hardware allows the door unit to be anywhere from 3 doors wide, all the way up to 7 doors wide!  Our experienced woodworkers will ensure the doors hang and fold per factory specifications prior to delivering to your installers.  As complex as these door units can be, we make them extremely simple to install.  

Accoya archtop entrance



Architectural Millwork manufactures Doors, Windows and exterior trim packages which can encounter exposure to extreme climate conditions.

Accoya is very durable and therefore has been a preferred construction material for projects with “high exposure” installations.
Click here for more information about Accoya.

Accoya Approved manufacturer with link to Accoya website

Millwork Technical Information

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